Oatmeal & Sesame Cookies (200g)


Sku: SS/Cookies/01

  • Two Cookies can give you 100 IU of Vitamin D with the benefit of Oats

  • No Added Chemicals or preservative and Gluten Free

  • 100 % Vegan and no refined Sugar or Palm Oil

  • Hand Made with utmost care to your health

  • Also rich source of Dietary fibre, Protein, Selenium, Anti-oxidant, B-glucan

  • Get your dose of sunshine with taste



Woodberry Jeera Cookies are filled with nutrition and health. Each of the ingredients is carefully selected keeping in your health and taste in mind. Oats sourced from Chemical free farms is high in B vitamins and helps in metabolism. There is no gluten.

Most importantly to provide you with your daily dose of sunshine (Vitamin D), we have added the natural mushroom powder sourced from pristine farms of Assam and enhanced with Vitamin D with our patented technology.

One cookie would give you 50 IU of Vitamin D !! Feel the burst of energy and boost your immunity without having to reply on chemical and synthetic supplements.