Sooji / Semolina – Iron -(500g)


Sku: SS/FLR/19

Semolina is made of very fine grains that double up when cooked as Halva, Upma and Daliya.

  • Amazing taste and texture

  • High in Fibre

  • High in Iron



Sooji is the coarse medium milled flour of durum wheat. Different types of wheat result in different refinement. They are very fine grains that double up when cooked as Halva, Upma and Daliya. Semolina is a very healthy addition to your diet. It has many health benefits, like its high iron content.

Iron is very important for the body. Some of the functions of iron include transporting oxygen through your blood, DNA synthesis, growth and development and immune system support. Iron is fundamental for the production of red blood cells. The redblood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to different parts of the body. If one doesn’t take in enough iron, they can suffer from a iron-deficiancy anemia.

It is very high in Complex Carbohydrates and protein and it provides instant energy and boosts your metabolism. It does not contain any Cholesterol and therefore is perfect for people with cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, it contains high amounts of fibre and protein. Both slow down digestion and give a feeling of fullness to prevent overeating. Fibre and Protein can also help in weight loss.

Nutrition Fact: Sooji contains 26% Dietary Fibre, 21 gms Protein and 41% Carbohydrates (I took them from the website)

How to use: This fine semolina is perfect to use for Halva, Upma or Daliya.

How to store:  Keep it in an airtight container

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