Raw Turmeric (100g)


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Health Benefits – Turmeric is an Indian spice used as medicinal herb for thousands of years now in India. Gradually the rest of the world is rising to its high medicinal value especially now when a major population is suffering from life-style diseases, cancer and other critical health issues.

Turmeric has a complex compound called Curcumin that has anti-inflammatory and anti cancerous property which is widely known across the globe now. Turmeric is also used as one of the key ingredients in herbal massage as it is very good for skin.

ERB Source – ERB Raw Turmeric is grown organically by PGS farmers of Lalitpur.

Use and Storage – Raw Turmeric is consumed as a side dish with meals.

Turmeric Tea – For getting maximum benefits of Raw Turmeric, grate it in boiling water, keep it on low for some time, strain it and drink this as Turmeric Tea. It is even better to add some freshly ground black pepper to this drink as Black pepper is believed to unfold the goodness of turmeric to 2000 times.

This Turmeric Tea is highly recommended to fight the ill effects of the worst of air pollution.

Raw Turmeric has comparatively a longer shelf life even without refrigerated conditions. It may last fresh up to 4 – 5 days. Even if Raw Turmeric dries it is equally good.

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