Parsley (50g)


Sku: SS/VEG/35


Health Benefits – Parsley is an excellent source of vitamin K, C and A, folate and iron. Apigenine, a flavonoid present in Parsley has anti cancerous properties therefore regular consumption of parsley can reduce the risk of cancers such as breast, digestive tract, skin and prostrate. Essential oils present in this herb are anti allergic and help strengthen the immune system. Presence of vitamin C in abundance makes it very effective for people suffering from Asthma.

Source – ERB Parsley is organically grown by farmers in Himachal Pradesh.

Use and Storage – Fresh Parsley leaves/ twig can be used raw and finely chopped over daily salads, soup or put in sandwich or on omelette. Adding a small twig of Parsley to your smoothie gives a wonderful aroma and flavour.

Shelf life is upto 2 days without refrigeration. Keep parsley twigs wrapped in a moist cotton cloth for longer freshness.


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