Neem Flower – Sundried (50g)


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Health benefits of Neem Flowers –

  • Naturally grown neem flowers solar dried

  • Helps in regulating bile secretion in intestine (Pitta – Pacifier)

  • Reduces problem of Phlegm (sticky secretion in throat known as Balgam in hindi)

  • Treats the problem of intestinal worms 

Sun or solar drying of neem flowers is a traditional method of storing the goodness of these flowers for a longer period.

Neem flowers have been considered of high medicinal value in Ayurveda. Neem flowers are considered to have calming effect – Pitta pacifier (aids in reduction of excess Bile secretion in the intestine), especially in summer season and that is the reason why, they have been traditionally used in kitchen across South India.

How to add neem flowers to your meals –

  • Cooked as Neem Flower Rice, Pachadi, Chutney or Thuvaiyal, Rasam, Lentils and more.

  • Often dry roasted, crushed and sprinkled over rice or vegetable dish to add the goodness and distinct flavour of Neem Flowers


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