Natural Laundry Cleaning Liquid (500ml)


Sku: SS/PCH/30

Ingredients : Soapnut extract, Bio – enzyme, Essential oils, Lemon extract water. No synthetic chemicals added.

An all natural, laundry cleaning liquid that loves your clothes and you. It cleans effectively while increasing the life of your clothes. It doesn’t release harmful toxins during production, cleaning or after. Keeping you and Earth clean, safe and healthy.

  • All Natural

  • Baby Safe

  • Pet Safe

  • Non – Toxic

  • Pest Repellent

  • Water Saving

  • Bio Degradable

  • Circular Product

  • Supports SDGs

  • No harmful residues

How to use: Shake well before use and put 10-15 ml (1-2 spoons) of liquid for every kg of clothes, in bucket or machine. You can skip rinsing after washing.



Laundry Cleaner, Natural, Cloth cleaner, Cleanser