Natural All Purpose Cleaner (500ml)


Sku: SS/PCH/31

Ingredients : Soapnut extract, Bio – enzyme, Essential oils, water. No synthetic chemicals added.

An all natural, multi – purpose cleaner, that cleans and shines. It can be used on multiple surfaces like – tile, floor, cloth, upholstery , wood, glass etc. for any cleaning need. It doesn’t release harmful toxins during production, cleaning or after. Keeping you and Earth clean, safe and healthy.

  • All Natural

  • Baby Safe

  • Pet Safe

  • Non – Toxic

  • Pest Repellent

  • Water Saving

  • Bio Degradable

  • Circular Product

  • Supports SDGs

  • No harmful residues

How to use: Use directly on the surface or mix with water and use to clean any household item – upholstery , rugs, glass, electronic appliances etc. Shake well before use.



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