Mustard Oil – Single Pressed (4.95 Ltr.)


Sku: SS/GHO/09-5 ltr

  • 100% Pure

  • One-time Extraction at Low Heat

  • Micro-Nutrients Intact

  • Good for your heart, joints & skin

  • Extracted from Yellow Mustard Seeds

ERB Mustard Oil is produced by single extraction method under very low heat, which keeps all the micro-nutrients intact and prevents you from risks of cancer and heart ailments. It does not give you a very pungent smell neither does it emit lot of fumes. Pungent smell and dense fumes in any mustard oil are caused by the impurity that these oils have due to repeat pressing under very high temperature during oil extraction.
Nutrition Fact: Mustard oil has an edge over other oils due to the optimum ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and low content of saturated fats. It is known to cure diseases and problems related to the heart, skin, joints, muscles, and so much more.
How to use: Mustard oil has been traditionally used as a cooking medium, also applied as hair oil and for skin massage as it is well known to boost immunity, encourage hair growth, provide nourishment to skin (especially in case of babies who are massaged with mustard oil during winters and made to sunbathe for a dose of Vitamin D and also to strengthen the bones), oral health, so on and so forth. Using same oil for repeated frying is very unhealthy.
How to store: Store the oil in an airtight bottle away from sun light. Expiry 9 months from the date of packing.


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