Laddu – Water Chestnut – heart-healthy – 240g


Sku: SS/HSD/32

Try these traditional North Indian sweet balls made with Rice Flour and Ripe Banana Powder. Held together with the power of Desi Cow Ghee and the perfect taste of natural cinnamon.

  • Made in Mishri

  • Made with Desi Cow Ghee

  • Heart-Healthy



Dive into these delicious Water Chestnut Laddus. These provide you with the necessary nutrients to keep your hearthealthy. Water Chestnuts, or Shingada as they’re also called, lower cardiac risks, improve your skin and make your hair healthier.
Reduces high blood sugar, which is very important because it leads to various heart diseases. Heart disease is the leading cause of death globally.

Furthermore, Water Chestnut can relieve acidity and provide you with very important antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Like fibre, protein, potassium, calcium, manganese and copper.

Moreover, Water Chestnuts are also high-volume foods. That means they keep you full for a longer time without having high-calorie content. They contain a lot of water and air, which are absolutely calorie-free. Therefore these are great if you are trying to loose weight and try to eat less. Water Chestnuts consist of 74% of water.

To add on top of that, eating these ladoos will make you happy too. Not just because they’re delicious but also because the contain high amounts of Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 has been proven to reduce stress and uplift your mood.

So come and get these heart-healthy, delicious Water Chestnut Ladoos!

Ingredients: Water Chestnut (Shingada), Rice Flour, Ripe Banana Powder, Black Raisins, Cinnamon, Desi Cow Ghee

Nutrition Fact: 100gm of Water Chestnut Laddoo contain 492.9 Calories, 3.40% Protein, 0.73% Mineral, 75.44% Carbohydrates, 19.72% Fat and 0.70% Moisture

How to store: Store at cool and dry place