Kashmiri Masala Tikki – (350g)


Sku: SS/SPI/31

  • Traditional Recipe of Kashmir

  • 100% pure

  • Made from ingredients naturally grown in the hills of Kashmir

  • Amazing aroma

  • Adds genuine flavour to your preparation

  • No artificial colours or preservatives

Exquisite preparation of Kashmir called ‘Vaer’, this ready to use spice blend has been an integral part of Kashmiri kitchens since generations. This is a traditional wisdom to preserve goodness of various spices and condiments in a natural way which can be sustained for upto 2 years in cold conditions.

Ingredients – Kashmiri Chilli Powder, Himalayan Garlic Paste, Onion Paste, Salt, Turmeric Powder, Coriander Powder, Blend of Garam Masala spices cooked over slow flame in Mustard Oil

How to add Kashmiri Masala Tikki (Vaer) to your cuisine –

This is a 100% natural precooked masala mix that can be added to any gravy. 1 teaspoonful of this preparation is sufficient for a gravy to serve 4 persons. If you want your preparation to be more spicy, you can adjust the proportion according to your taste.

Ideal for marination purpose. Rub the masala mix in your dish and leave it as per the method you follow for marinating. Add salt as per your taste.



Masala Tikki, Masala, Spice Mix