Ghar Ka Ghee (Bilona – Desi (A2) Cow) – 250g


Sku: SS/GHO/12

  • 100% Pure (A2) Cow Ghee

  • Amazing Aroma & Taste

  • Highly Nutritious & Medicinal

  • Prepared using Traditional Bilona (Hand-churning) method


Bilona Method: The traditional bilona method of making ghee is an elaborate process. The ghee is obtained from curd made of whole milk and not cream or malai. Unlike the regular ghee, in this method the milk is not boiled and is directly set to curd in earthen pots for 2-3 nights at room temperature. The curd is then hand-churned to extract butter from it, which is then turned into ghee on a low-flame using firewood. This method helps retain the nutrients and high medicinal value of ghee.