Tea Bags – Chamomile (25 pcs.) – Calming


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Home remedy for calming the nerves

Chamomile Brew will help you relax the mind.

  • 100% Pure

  • Great source of Antioxidants

  • Reduces Stress

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Treats Cold

  • Soothes Stomach Ache

  • Sustainably Grown in Uttarakhand



Home remedy for calming the nerves

Chamomile Brew will help you relax the mind. Moreover, it stimulates blood circulation and is good for appetite. Chamomile Brew also has many more health benefits. For example it reduces stress, and boosts your immunity. It also treats colds and reduces muscle spasms and period pain. Furthermore it has anti-ageing properties and can soothe a stomach ache. Because of its calming qualities its the perfect tea to drink before going to bed. It soothes your mind and improves your sleep quality.

Chamomile is naturally caffeine-free. It is said to be a natural calmer as it relaxes the body. It is also said to be good for soothing an upset stomach.

Rosemary Brew is:

  • 100% Pure
  • Natural
  • Sustainably Grown in Uttarakhand

Enjoy Chamomile brew daily for a calm and sound sleep.

Ingredients: Dried Chamomile Flower heads

Nutrition Fact: 100g of Chamomile Tea contain 357.26 Calories, 58.60% Carbohydrates, 17.71% Dietary Fibre, 7.78% Protein and 2.28% Fat

Directions: Boil water. Drip the herbal infusion bag in boiling water. Keep for 1 min. Add sugar or honey, as per your taste.

How to store: Store in a cool and dry place. Best before 18 months from the date of packaging.

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