Brown Rice – (1Kg) – (Sonamasuri Variety)


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  • High in Fibre

  • Rich in Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants

  • Good for Heart & Bone health

  • No trans-fat or cholesterol

  • Gluten-free

  • Aids Weight loss



Brown Rice comes from the same grain as White Rice. But only the Rice’s outer husk gets removed so that all the available nutrients in the bran are kept. That makes White and Brown Rice similar in carbohydrates but different in nutritional value, as Brown Rice is more nutritious. Brown Rice contains for example more Manganese, Selenium and Magnesium.

It also decreases the risk of Diabetes Type 2, due to its significantly lower GI and high amounts of Magnesium and Fibre, which help control blood sugar levels.

Brown Rice Recipe:

Rinse the rice thoroughly. Make sure all the starch comes out of the grains, so the rice will become fluffy. Add 2 cups of water to each cup of rice to a pot. Bring to a boil, cover and let simmer for 45 minutes. Turn the heat off, wait 10 minutes, then remove the lid and fluff the rice. You can also add a teaspoon of unsalted butter to give it a sweeter taste. Enjoy your healthy and nutritious meal.

Nutrition Fact: 100 grams of Brown Rice is reported to contain 370 Calories, 7.85% Protein, 2.92% Fat, 3.52% Fibre, 77.24% Carbohydrate, 23mg Calcium, 143mg Magnesium 333mg phosphorus and 3.743mg Manganese.

How to use: Brown Rice takes longer to cook than White Rice.

How to store:  Keep it in an airtight container

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