Black Pepper (100g)


Sku: SS/SPI/05

  • 100% Pure
  • Natural Aroma & Pungency
  • Ideal for treating sore throat and cough – cold.

Health Tip: A dash of freshly ground black pepper added to a glass of hot milk with ERB Turmeric Powder is the best health drink for building immunity and fighting body toxins.

Nutrition Fact: Black Pepper is the oldest known spice on the globe. Famously grown in India and traded to far west, it finds mention in Ayurveda and other traditional health preparations due to its immense health benefits. Its regular consumption is known to help in fighting depression, promoting digestion, helping with nutrient absorption, treating ulcers, supporting weight loss, treating cough and sore throat, promoting a healthy heart and soothing toothaches. Other benefits include preventing grey hair, treating arthritis and enhancing the skin.

How to store: It is advised to store the spice in air tight container.



Tags: Kaali Mirch, Kali